Your Brain On Facts

is a half-hour podcast of things you didn’t know, things you thought you knew, and things you never knew you never knew, covering topics as diverse as science-fiction, funerals, food origins, heroic animals, and the strategic butter reserve.  


a heaping helping of historical corrections

Two-thirds of the topics have never and will never be on the podcast.


  • What’s the language of the stateless nation in the Pyrenees mountains?
  • Who was the only woman on Normandy beach?
  • How hard do you have to try to catch yellow fever?
  • Where the world-changing birth control pill was tested?
  • Why can’t researchers tell female hyenas from males?
  • Who wrote lyrics for the Star Trek theme song?

Meet your host, Moxie LaBouche

Before she started the Your Brain On Facts podcast to safely vent the copious bonus facts in her brain, Moxie LaBouche performed and produced burlesque, specifically “nerd-lesque.” It was her privilege to produce the only George R. R. Martin-approved burlesque tribute to Game of Thrones and even to play for the man himself.

Moxie has presented a local TED talk, is the prolific author of unfinished fiction, knows seven words of Latin, and previously earned her living as a goat farmer and soap maker. She is also the creator and co-host of the Science With Savannah, Age 7 podcast and YouTube channel.

Moxie lives in Virginia with her husband and a dozen or so pets.

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