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Podcast Episodes

  • Science Fiction Double Feature

    My father was a sci-fi fan of the old school.  The man had the entire original Star Trek series on VHS, commercial free, and an Enterprise technical manual.  So in […]

  • Like Butter in the Bank

    A strategic reserve is a commodity held back by governments to stabilize prices or protect against shortage. Your mind may go immediately to the 35 million barrels or so of […]

  • The Role of a Lifetime

    Some actors fall victim to typecasting, but others have a single character they can’t disassociate themselves from.  Sometimes that means always being cast as a character similar to the one […]

  • Copy-wrong

    If a monkey takes a picture in the woods, can the monkey claim the copyright?  Trademark and copyright laws can get pretty sticky and not a little zany.  Stay tuned […]

  • Mummy’s Day

    We cover the way people in Victorian Europe used (and abused) Egyptian mummies, whether or not mummies were burned for fuel, Catholic saints who do not decay, natural mummies preserved […]

  • Lunules and Tittles and Barms, Oh My!

    From the skin between your thumb and forefinger to the stringy things you have to pick off bananas, today’s episode will teach you dozens of names for everyday items, even […]

  • Steal (pretty) Big

    What we remember as the daring heist of one of the world’s most famous paintings was really neither of those. The theft of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa wasn’t even […]

  • A Dish Best Served Loud

    A microphone is a good enough platform for getting back at people, but an entire recording studio is even better. Popular music is littered with songs getting back at an […]

  • We Can’t Have Nice Things: Gamer edition

    From trolls and griefers, to crashing virtual funerals and spreading digital plagues, we look at online gamers ruining everyone else’s fun in the first of our series We Can’t Have […]

  • It’s Good to be the King

    Mel Brooks said it best, “It’s good to be the king.”  From glass delusion to the missing Romanov children to what will happen when Queen Elizabeth dies.

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