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Lunules and Tittles and Barms, Oh My!

From the skin between your thumb and forefinger to the stringy things you have to pick off bananas, today’s episode will teach you dozens of names for everyday items, even if you can’t tell your natiform from your weenus. Here are your new vocab words, in...

Steal (pretty) Big

What we remember as the daring heist of one of the world’s most famous paintings was really neither of those. The theft of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa wasn’t even noticed when it happened. That story, plus a stolen art technique that made a man world famous, credit...

A Dish Best Served Loud

A microphone is a good enough platform for getting back at people, but an entire recording studio is even better. Popular music is littered with songs getting back at an ex lover, from Waylon Jennings to Taylor Swift, but a fair number of the tracks you know by heart...

We Can’t Have Nice Things: Gamer edition

From trolls and griefers, to crashing virtual funerals and spreading digital plagues, we look at online gamers ruining everyone else’s fun in the first of our series We Can’t Have Nice Things.

It’s Good to be the King

Mel Brooks said it best, “It’s good to be the king.”  From glass delusion to the missing Romanov children to what will happen when Queen Elizabeth dies.