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Podcaster friends!  It pleases me to announce the return of Operation Switcheroo, a great, free way to introduce your show to a new, like-minded audience. Over 100 shows have participated in the past, and I definitely saw a boost in my downloads each time.

Since the Great Comic Switcheroo of 1997, newspaper and online comic writers have perpetrated April Fools pranks on their readers by drawing each others comics, drawing the same comic as each other, or having their characters take over the other strip.

Operation Switcheroo is podcasts swapping RSS feeds for a day. Shows will be paired by theme, style, and explicitness.  The first round uses Apple categories and the second round gets more specific.   You will have right of refusal, but if I do my job correctly, you won’t need it.

Each host will get an existing episode file from their partner show, to which they will add a quick intro to explain what we’re doing, then upload as usual. (Nobody touches anybody else’s RSS feed.)

It’s your choice if you want to do this in addition to or instead of your regular episode (April 1 is a Friday, btw).

Sign up through the form below or shoot me a message if you have any questions.  (Sign-up is through the Google form, not this contact form or my email.)   To streamline the process, you will be asked to provide things like your logo in the same step.

Deadline is sign up is March 18, so get yours in today!

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